If you’re reading this then I contacted you about managing your IG for $100/month.

Here’s the breakdown in a nutshell:

• Find pictures/videos
• Post them 3-4x per week on your IG page
• Load your account into my software which performs behind-the-scenes actions to grow the account
• Follow/unfollow up to 500 users per day
• Like 500 pictures of other accounts per day
• Do hashtag research to find the best hashtags for your niche

We have a few options regarding content:

  1. Pull popular photos from Instagram in similar niches
  2. Use whatever pictures you may have lying around or on your website
  3. A combination of both

I’ve grown many accounts using no unique pictures. In some cases this is better because we can select pics that have already received a certain amount of likes/comments, thus proven to already be popular.

All of these things combined will give you a beautiful account that looks impressive to customers.

A strong Instagram page is a very effective selling tool. I use these exact same strategies to grow all of my accounts. I would love get you guys as a client which is why I offered such a low rate. I normally charge almost $600 for this service. And even that is considered low.

Not only that, but to show you that I know my stuff I’ll give you a 14 day trial for $1.

If you like the direction things are headed, we can keep going. If not, feel free to cancel any time.

You can click this fancy button to sign up:

Once that’s done, send me the logins for your IG account. It will take a day or two to order a new proxy (IP address) for your account and properly warm things up, but once that happens it’s off to the races.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at my main email address: stuart.oden@gmail.com

More info about me: